Retrieving Notes And Highlights From Books By Kindle

The best thing about kindle devices apart from kindle support is how they let us use them like conventional books. Just like we can highlight our content in books same way we can do that in our kindle devices. Kindle devices as well as apps also allow us to read and take notes as well as mark-up content from various devices over the internet as claimed by amazon kindle support. Simply saying whether you are using a pc app or a mobile app or a conventional kindle you are liable to make notes and mark-up content and retrieve it later when you need it.


To do so there are various ways as mentioned by kindle help. The best of all being going to amazon website and logging on. Once you log in go into my books, my notes and then you can see, save and modify your mark-ups and notes you made on www kindle com support. If you are proud of the content you have marked up you can also make it public.

There are third party apps like Bookcision and which can be read more about at kindle fire support which help a lot to retrieve and print notes. also has its extension for chrome browser which retrieves your notes and converts them for Evernote note app for a standard monthly fee of $3. There is also a first party app called kindle to Evernote which can be bought at kindle com support which charges $1 for same service if we go by the crux.

However if you do not use much of third party apps and want full functionality apps, the print my kindle highlights app for $5 is best one among all of them. It is one of most productive app for a nominal fee. Amazon customer service phone number however suggests using first party apps.


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