Leaked Kindle Oasis

Details about kindle oasis have been leaked before Jeff Bezos revealed it by Tmall page that page is down now after reported by kindle support. The first thing users will notice is a design change. This device is called kindle oasis. It has a square-ish design. It has one bezel bigger and thicker than other.

All the device drivers and buttons are placed in this bezel as reported by amazon kindle support forums in which users are posting. It is being pushed as one handed reader. Since this device has weight distributed at one side more than other, it is easy to hold and use with one hand.

Also knowing more if its specs, this device will also have dedicated kindle help section and it has all the page press buttons on the control panel on bigger bezel. It means that there will be no smudges on screen. However if you want you can also flip through pages like older versions. This screen has PPI of over 300.  Text on this PPI screen will be absolutely clear, sharp and will have extremely high resolution like seen in photos on www kindle com support.


Internal LEDs have been increased from 6 to 10 and will be looking like display of kindle fire as shown on kindle fire support. All these LEDs are always ON. Ambient light sensor has been removed. Automatic brightness will not work now. It was not even needed. It’s great to have manual brightness back from kindle com support.

This device is equipped with an accelerometer as confirmed from an ex-employee of amazon customer service phone number executive. It means that if you switch hands, all the screen will rotate as well as page press button orientation will change to keep them identical even after device flipping. It is one of many Kindle devices to have screen tap to screenshot option too.


It also comes with a cover. The only other kindle with a cover was kindle 1. This cover is not the same as original kindle’s cover. First of all, the texture of cover is great and with usage It will grow more texture. The cover is very fine.

The cover also protects kindle from bumps, occasional drops and external shocks. It is also water resistant to some level. It is also made for this device so it does not add to the bulk or make it fat. The device is easy to use and is slim even with cover.

Cover also has a battery pack inside it. Using that battery pack increases cover’s life from 3 weeks to 9 weeks. That cover also charges with a power cradle. It is surely worth the bargain. Despite this product being named oasis, it is not water proof.

This kindle is not a kindle for everyone. It is like apple in smartphones. This kindle is for the luxury of reading with all its high hitting features. All we need is a performance kindle like Paperwhite. A device which hits the sweet spot between price and performance. Surely there is innovation here but we know it is not a kindle all can afford to or willing to buy.


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